Are you Prepared For A Medical Emergency While Traveling?

Are you Prepared For A Medical Emergency While Traveling?

Are you prepared for a medical emergency when traveling thousands of miles from home, from your Primary Care Physician, and from the hospital you are familiar with?

This just happened to me, and although it was a bit scarey, we were prepared.

We were 2,016 miles from my Primary Care Physician when a medical emergency happened. Thankfully, we were prepared. 

Each time we pull into a new town, we take a few steps to make sure we are ready for anything.

Here Is What We Do:

  • Take a drive and find the local Urgent Care, ER, Hospital, and Pharmacy
  • Make note of their address and hours and put it into your phone
  • Stock up on Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Band-Aids etc.
  • Talk to the RV park managers and ask for recommendations and reputation of places
  • Know your insurance plan and what it will cover
  • Will they cover out of state, will you have more out-of-pocket expenses
  • If you don’t have insurance, make it know to any facility and/or provider that you are self-pay
  • Inquire about self-pay discounts and/or free care

I worked in Healthcare Finance for 30+ years and know that there are many drug programs, discount plans, and free-care pools at every medical facility. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Anything you can do before an emergency strikes is going to help you get the care you need quickly; and hopefully this will help alleviate or reduce stress during this time!

Have you ever had a medical emergency while traveling?  Leave a comment and let us know what you did!

Are you Prepared For A Medical Emergency While Traveling?

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