Explore Beautiful Triple Falls Waterfall

Explore Beautiful Triple Falls Waterfall

Triple Falls in the DuPont State Forest is absolutely stunning!  This gorgeous waterfall consists of three cascades, totaling about 125 feet in vertical drops. 

DuPont State Forest is a great place to hike and explore.  With more than 10,000 acres of forest, trails, and several waterfalls!


Triple Falls is located near Hendersonville North Carolina, and southeast of Brevard North Carolina.  This waterfall shares a parking lot with Hooker Falls and is down the road from High Falls.

With 3 waterfalls right near each other, this is a popular area to hang out at on a hot summer day!  You can easily spend all day here!

What To Know Before You Go

  • The hike from the parking area to Triple Falls is about a half mile.  It is a beautiful walk in nature and fairly easy.
  • You can view the falls from 2 spots. There is a path that leads to the top of the waterfall but you can also walk along the big, flat rocks (off the path) and walk right up to the waterfall.  This is the route we took and really enjoyed it!
  • Triple Falls is pet friendly, as long as your pet is on a leash. 
  • There is a parking lot with plenty of spots and this is where you can start your hike to either Triple Falls or Hooker Falls. On hot summer days, it’s best to get there early as the parking lot will fill up quickly!

What To Do At Triple Falls

Triple Falls is a beautiful spot to hang with family and friends.  You could spend the whole day exploring and relaxing here! 

This is a great area for a picnic, swimming, bird watching, picture taking, hiking, and just enjoying nature!

Our Trip To The Falls

We loved exploring the area and hiking to the waterfalls.  We started at Hooker Falls, then hiked to Triple Falls and then hopped back on the motorcycle and drove up the road to High Falls.

If you are a waterfall chaser and love easy hikes, then this is definitely a day trip you want to enjoy!

Fun Fact

Triple Falls was featured in the movie The Hunger Games! This is the spot that Katniss finds the camouflaged Peeta.

Explore Beautiful Triple Falls WaterfallExplore Beautiful Triple Falls Waterfall

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