Soco Falls – Gorgeous Double Waterfall

Soco Falls – Gorgeous Double Waterfall


Soco Falls is a gorgeous, double waterfall on the edge of the Cherokee Indian Reservation.  Located between Cherokee, NC and Maggie Valley, NC, along Highway 19.

As usual, we arrived by motorcycle.  We drove from Bryson City into Cherokee, and then into Maggie Valley.

Finding this waterfall can be a bit tricky.  The only marking is a small, blue sign on the side of the road.  There is also a very small parking area, however, both the sign and parking area are easily missed.  We drove by twice before finding it!

The Falls

These twin waterfalls are more than 50 feet tall and offer several, smaller waterfalls and cascades, both above and below the main falls.

The double falls are beautiful!  The day we were there they were gushing fast with a lot of spray, almost like it was raining!  It was absolutely stunning!

Viewing The Falls

From the parking area you can easily walk to the observation deck.  This is good viewing if you don’t want to hike down the side of the mountain, which can be difficult.

If you are like us and want an up-close view, head to the left of the deck to the small trail.  There are many climbing ropes tied from tree to tree, which you will need to help you get down to the bottom.

This ledge is very steep, rocky, and can be muddy and slippery.  Take it slow, hold on to the ropes, and use your best judgement!

Soco Falls History

The falls are named after Soco Gap, located near the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This was the main entrance and guard station for the Cherokee Nation.

Soco Gap was also used as an ambush location and popular hunting area for the Cherokee.

Other Things To Do In The Area

Our Visit

We loved viewing Soco Falls and recommend it if you are a waterfall chaser like us!  Climbing to the bottom was challenging, but very do-able!  I am a new, inexperienced hiker and I was able to make it to the bottom, with the help of the ropes!

The view from the bottom is stunning.  You see both falls and a lot of smaller falls and cascades.

Do you love chasing waterfalls? Have you been to Soco Falls?  Leave us a comment and let us know about your experience!

Soco Falls - Gorgeous Double WaterfallSoco Falls - Gorgeous Double Waterfall

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