Daydream To Reality

Daydream To Reality


Daydream to reality is what’s next for Back of the Bike Life! Stop dreaming and start living the dream!

In 2018, after an amazing trip to Colorado, we started thinking about how we wanted our future to look.  This trip was not by motorcycle, but by the time we got home, we knew we wanted to travel the USA by motorcycle.

And that is how the daydream began.

Both Trevor and I were born and raised in New England. Specifically, Massachusetts.  We have traveled all over New England, and we both have been to a few states outside of New England.  We are ready to see the great outdoors and wide-open spaces, and we want to do it by motorcycle. Click here to see our adventures!

For us, this is something that we felt we could easily do.  Trevor can work anywhere in the country.  Well, anywhere that has Wi-Fi.  He has flexible hours, and we know we can make a great work/travel/life balance.  And being in the southeast would give us better weather, which means a longer riding season!

Daydream to reality is now in full swing!


The first thing we needed to do was determine when we would be able to implement our plan.  We already knew we wanted to start our adventure in North Carolina, but when would we be able to put our travel plans into place?

Things we took into consideration:

  • Family
  • Work
  • Budget


The first thing we took into consideration was our family.  Between us, we have four daughters.

Years ago, our oldest left for college in California.  She currently lives in Ohio, and she has no concerns about us moving out of Massachusetts.  Traveling is something she loves as well, and she is happy that we are going to travel more!

The other three girls currently all live in Massachusetts.  We wanted to make sure each of them was finished with school, had jobs, apartments, and that they are ready to live their adult lives without their parents in the same state.  Thankfully, we can say that they are all thriving in their adult lives, and we are ready to ride.


This was an easy one.  Trevor can work from anywhere.  He runs his own consulting firm, and most of his work is done at home.  And if he must travel for customer meetings, then that is just a bonus travel trip for us!


Well, money is money.  Do we ever feel that we have enough?  No, but if we wait until we have enough, we will never go.  And since our plan involves living minimally, we hope to keep expenses low.

We plan on trying several different lodging experiences.  Things like camping, renting AirBnB’s, staying with friends and family, and more.  By doing this we, we will eliminate monthly bills for things like electricity, heating, water, sewer, trash, cable, and Wi-Fi. 

Exchanging possessions and things for experiences is the plan!


We are excited to announce that our first destination will be Wake Forest, North Carolina.  As of now, the plan is to hit the road sometime between April and June 2022. 

Our first stop will be at a dear friend’s condo.  She has graciously opened her home to us, for as long as we want!  I will drive our car, Trevor on the RoadMaster.  We will bring clothing, laptops and other electronics for work. 

At this time, we don’t know exactly how long we will stay in this area.  But we plan on exploring North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Tennessee. 

This is our first time planning something so big. Sometimes, I think I should have a lot more planned out by now, and sometimes I think we are on track and doing fine.  We don’t need everything planned out, we do like spontaneous trips and adventures. 

The next few months will be spent planning the future rides, lodging and adventures, at the same time as downsizing our lives and belongings. 

Things are about to get interesting!

Daydream To Reality

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5 thoughts on “Daydream To Reality

  1. I love planning adventures. Sounds like you have some great ones coming up. Love your planning breakdown. It reminds me of my 20’s when I was planning my first round world trip. Happy days…. enjoy!

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