Texas Falls, The Jewel of The Green Mountains

Texas Falls, The Jewel of The Green Mountains

If you love cascading waterfalls, then you need to visit Texas Falls! This beautiful waterfall is in The Green Mountain Forest of Vermont, and definitely should be on your list of must-see areas!


Texas Falls began forming over 12,000 years ago, at the end of the ice-age.  Melting ice from the glacier began to cut through the glacier till and bedrock.  As a result, high volumes of water began enlarging the weak points in the bedrock. The swirling of rocks and debris helped create the potholes that are now visible.


Texas Falls is managed by the US Forest Service.  Once a favorite swimming hole, this area is now off-limits to swimming. Due to many injuries over the years, fencing was put up for safety, and you are asked not to go beyond it. 

Texas Falls, the jewel of the Green Mountains, is a gorgeous day in nature!


To get to Texas Falls, follow Route 125 in Hancock, VT.  There are plenty of signs so you shouldn’t miss the turn to the recreation area and parking. 

Route 125 is off Route 100, near the Granville area.  Scenic Route 100 in Granville is home to Moss Glen Falls, another amazing Vermont waterfall.


The recreation area is where you will view cascading waterfalls and gorges as well as a 1-mile loop trail for hiking.  This area is beautiful, and if you love being outdoors you will love it here!

The trails are used for hiking, walking, fishing, and exploring nature! Dogs are allowed on the trails, but they must be on leash!

There is a bridge over the gorge that provides a spectacular viewing area of the cascading falls.

There is a covered picnic area that sits along the water.  This beautiful, scenic area is great for eating, resting, and enjoying the scenery!



There is plenty of parking at Texas Falls.  The first parking area is located at the Falls Observation Site.  There is also parking at the picnic area and then another area at the end of Forest Road 212 , beyond the gate on FR39. 

This road is plowed in the winter for parking up to the gate, but the gate will be closed for the winter.


Texas Falls Nature Trail brings you through the forest along Texas Brook and to the picnic area.  The trail loop length is 1.2 miles.  This is a beautiful spot, and you can take your time exploring, taking pictures and a picnic at the covered pavilion.


If chasing waterfalls is your thing, there are plenty in Vermont.  We visited 3 in one day and we loved them all!  Texas Falls was one of the waterfalls we visited and the other 2 were:

Take scenic Route 100 and head towards Killington, VT.  This is where you will find Thundering Falls. A gorgeous waterfall and hiking area on the Appalachian Trail!  There is a small parking area on River Road, off Route 100.

After leaving Thundering Falls, head back to Route 100 and drive to Granville, VT.  This amazing waterfall is roadside, therefore, a very short, easy hike will get you up close and personal with it! There is a small parking area along Route 100.

Have you been to Texas Falls? Leave us a comment and let us know how your visit was! 

Planning a trip to Vermont, be sure to add this waterfall to your itinerary!  If you’d like to know the routes we traveled on our trip to Texas Falls, Thundering Falls, and Moss Glen Falls, send us a message! We’d be happy to help you plan your waterfall journey in Vermont!

Texas Falls, The Jewel of The Green Mountains

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  1. Oh this place looks so peaceful and beautiful! I love trail hiking, but we don’t have any places near us with waterfalls like this. I bet you guys had an amazing time at Texas Falls.

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