Ride Guide New Hampshire-5 Amazing NH Roads

Ride Guide New Hampshire-5 Amazing NH Roads

We have put together this Ride Guide New Hampshire of 5 amazing roads to ride while you are visiting New Hampshire.  These are some of our favorite rides, and a great start to exploring New Hampshire!

New Hampshire is home to many beautiful, scenic roads and routes.  We always travel by motorcycle, but no matter how many wheels you ride on, you will love these roads!!

The mountains and scenery are amazing.  The long, swooping roads will having you craving for more! The White Mountains is one of our favorite places to ride!

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The Kancamagus Highway is probably one of the most popular roads in New Hampshire! It definitely is one of our favorites to ride!

This road is 34.5 miles of long and considered one of the best for fall foliage viewing! There are several scenic overlooks so have your camera ready!

There are no gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or businesses on this road, so be sure to have plenty of gas!


Bear Notch Road is another beautiful, scenic road that we love to ride while in New Hampshire. If you are riding the Kancamagus Highway, you probably have found Bear Notch Road!

This long swooping road takes you from the Kancamagus Highway to Bartlett, NH, Route 302. There are a couple scenic overviews and usually very little traffic.

This road is not maintained during the winter and a good portion of it is gated closed during the winter months.


Hurricane Mountain Road is a must-ride! This 11-mile mountain road is one of my favorites! It’s like a thrill ride and we love riding it.

This ride is filled with twists, turns, hills, and thrills. We usually ride over this mountain several times, back & forth, until we have had enough! Just like a rollar-coaster!

But riders beware! This road does have a good amount of traffic and it is narrow. With all the twists and turns you need to really watch for on-coming traffic.


Route 93 through Franconia Notch is one of the most breath-taking rides in New Hampshire! The giant mountains, long swooping road and amazing scenery is something you will want to see more than once!

We have ridden this road many, many times, and each time it is like the first time!

This route actually starts in Massachusetts and travels through New Hampshire and Vermont. This section in New Hampshire, through Franconia Notch is simply spectacular!


Another beautiful, scenic, New Hampshire road! This route will take you to many other stunning roads and places! The scenery is beautiful, and as with most New Hampshire roads, it is a long, swooping, scenic ride!

Continue your ride from Route 93-Franconia Notch to Route 302 and you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy our Ride Guide New Hampshire and riding these beautiful, scenic roads! Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite riding roads!

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Ride Guide New Hampshire-5 Amazing NH Roads

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