About Us-Meet Pat & Trevor

About Us-Meet Pat & Trevor


Welcome to Back of the Bike Life! We are Pat & Trevor Machado, a motorcycle couple who love to take two-up adventures. Two-up means we are two people on one motorcycle.  Trevor is the rider and Pat is the passenger.

We met in 2015 and got married in 2020, yes, during a pandemic! Crazy right, well not as crazy as our idea to sell our home and all our belongings and take to the open road on a motorcycle!  Stay tuned, it’s going to happen!

We have been riding together for a little over six years.  Trevor has been riding motorcycles for 38+ years and has taken some very long trips.  I had been on a bike before, but no major riding. Trevor introduced me to riding by starting out slow.   We started out with some day rides and then moved up to weekend trips.  In 2020 we rode in 18 states covering over 16,000 miles. In 2021 we rode in 7 states and covered over 12,000 miles.o



Sometime in 2018, we decided that we were going to focus on our vision as digital nomads. We will travel by motorcycle and tour the USA. 

Over the last few years, we have been planning how we would work, save, plan, minimalize our life and make our dreams come true. We want to see and experience it all!

I had also been planning a blog in my mind for a while.  I am a picture taker and have thousands of photos of our adventures.  I knew there must be a way to capture and share these journeys with others, and that is how Back of the Bike Life came to be. 


Our blog will feature our motorcycle life, adventures, travels, and USA road trips.  We hope to inspire travel, not just for motorcycle riders but for all types of travelers.

We will share information regarding motorcycles, trip planning, rides, routes & maps, photos, and more. 

As we start to downsize and move towards our minimalist, nomadic life, we will also be documenting our process!

In addition to our motorcycle life and travels, we will also be offering blogging courses and digital products.  We will share blogging and social media information, tips and tricks. We will have rides, routes, and maps available for download and printing.

Over the next several years we plan to travel, learn, grow, explore, and share!  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Hi, I’m Pat and I am the passenger on our motorcycle.  I have spent most of my life climbing the corporate ladder.  My career has been in healthcare and insurance, working the financial side of things for large and small companies.  I don’t mind this work, but I’d rather be on the back of the bike and traveling!

I love photography, and my children will tell you that I have tortured them for many years with my need to capture every moment!

  Between the two of us, Trevor and I have four daughters and a few fur babies.  Now that our girls are all young adults, we are ready to pursue our dream of motorcycle travel, and as our good friend calls us, become “gypsies”!

Stay tuned to see how we get rid of all our belongings and hit the open road!

I am excited to travel the great USA. I look forward to sharing our adventures, and hopefully, inspire and help you plan some amazing trips!  

I will be writing for the blog, and I do most of the photography. Trevor is also attempting to teach me the more technical aspects of our blog, and I am enjoying learning this technology. I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I’m trying!


Hi, I’m Trevor and I am the rider of our motorcycle.  I have been riding since I was a teen. I started with dirt bikes and made my way up to our current bike, the Indian Roadmaster.

When I was seventeen, I took off on my bike. I came back two years later, and my love for riding just continues to grow.  I plan out our riding routes for all our trips.  We prefer scenic back roads, and I try to find long winding, curvy roads!  And of course, my special talent of finding all the dirt roads that really are not appropriate for our touring bike!

I work in technology and run my own consulting firm. Most of my work is done from my home office. This means that my home office can be anywhere in the USA! That’s great news for us, because this means we can ride to any destination, set up home, work, and explore whatever new city and state we are in.  Yup, sounds like “gypsy” life to me!

I will provide this blog with my technical expertise. I will handle the day-to day technical aspects of our blog and maintenance. I will also be creating digital content and e-learning modules. This will also include offering technical support services to clients.

I will also share my motorcycle knowledge, safety tips, product reviews, rides, routes & maps for great trips and adventures. 


We are happy you are here, and we look forward to sharing our love of motorcycle travel with you.

If there is something you would like to see, or need information on, please send us a message!

Contact us for riding routes and maps, travel inspiration, great day trip ideas and more!

You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Please enjoy our articles and photos and leave a comment if you’d like.

About Us-Meet Pat & Trevor

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