Stunning Moss Glen Falls, Waterfall in Granville VT

Stunning Moss Glen Falls, Waterfall in Granville VT

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Vermont’s Scenic Route 100 Byway is considered one of the most popular roads traveled in Vermont. 

Moss Glen Falls is an amazing, roadside waterfall in Granville, Vermont, and one of the most popular attractions on Route 100!


Located between the towns of Rochester and Warren, this stunning waterfall can be seen roadside.  In fact, the first time we ever saw it, we were riding through torrential rain, on the motorcycle, and I thought I saw it, but then thought it was just my waterlogged brain playing tricks on me! But sure enough, the next day when the rain stopped, we drove back and saw this stunning site!!

This waterfall is said to be about 35 feet tall and depending on the time of year and amount of rain prior to your visit, you just might get a bonus, a second fall close to the parking area!

This added fall, sometimes called Little Moss Glen Falls, can be found close to the parking area, as you walk into the wooded area to the boardwalk.


We have stopped at this waterfall several times, and on our July 2021 trip we were lucky enough to see Little Moss Glen Falls!! It was roaring down the side of the mountain!  This was a first for us, and honestly, if you didn’t know the big fall was there, you might think this was it! It was beautiful and gushing fast the day we were there!

To the left of Little Falls is Moss Glen Falls, the main attraction!!  Follow the boardwalk into the woods and get an up-close look.  You can also see this waterfall from the road if you choose.


There is also a second waterfall named Moss Glen Falls and this is in Stowe, Vermont.  We have not yet visited this fall.

On this day trip in Vermont, we also visited:

  • Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Thundering Falls Trailhead-Killington, Vermont
  • Original General Store-Route 100 in Pittsfield, Vermont
  • Texas Falls-Hancock, Vermont

We love riding Vermont, and usually do so by motorcycle. Scenic Route 100 can be visited at all times of the year, as the road is well maintained and open year-round.  We highly recommend a trip to the area!

If you’d like to learn more about Vermont and the amazing waterfalls in the area, consider checking out these books:


Have you been to Vermont? Have you visited any of the states amazing waterfalls? Leave us a comment below! We would love to here about your adventure!

Stunning Moss Glen Falls, Waterfall in Granville VTStunning Moss Glen Falls, Waterfall in Granville VT

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6 thoughts on “Stunning Moss Glen Falls, Waterfall in Granville VT

  1. We’ve never been to Vermont, I think sometimes that state is overlooked. I’m going to add it to our Travel Wish List. Thanks for the beautiful photos and information!

  2. Stunning spot.. and thanks for the nearby recs… we’re planning a winter trip to the area and hope to visit….love that we don’t have to hike far to see the waterfall 😉

  3. the images looks so relaxing, I havent been to Vermont and sharing these images of stunning falls makes me wanna jump and enjoy the cold water.

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