Photo Scavenger Hunt-Registration and Information

Photo Scavenger Hunt-Registration and Information


Sponsored by: Back of the Bike Life


What have you done in 2021?

Back of the Bike Life wants to see what you did this year!

Let’s have some fun, show off our pictures, and win some fun prizes!

How it works:

  • Submit pictures that have either YOU, YOUR BICYCLE, YOUR MOTORCYCLE, or YOUR HELMET in the picture, completing one of the activities listed on the scavenger hunt list
  • Pictures can be from January 2021-October 2021 (honor system please!)
  • Each activity has a point value assigned and winners will be based on highest number of points earned
  • You do not need to complete all 100 scavenger hunt activities to be the winner
  • The 10 top highest scores will win a t-shirt
  • The 5 top highest scores will win a t-shirt and a leather bracelet
  • The top highest score will win a t-shirt, leather bracelet, and $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • You can submit photos from September 1, 2021-October 31, 2021

What you need to do:

  • Follow Back of the Bike Life on either Instagram or Facebook
  • Register/subscribe for the Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest (see button at bottom of page)
  • Review the scavenger hunt list and find activities that you have already done
    • Go through your 2021 pictures and find a picture that matches the activity and that also has you, your bicycle, your motorcycle, or helmet in the picture
    • Submit this picture for contest entry
  • Review the scavenger hunt list and find activities that you have not yet done
    • Complete the activity and take a picture! (Make sure that you, your bicycle, your motorcycle, or helmet are in the picture!)
    • Submit this picture for contest entry
  • Complete as many activities as possible
  • Take pictures of each activity
  • Get as many points as you can
  • Submit your photos for entry
  • You can submit photos from September 1, 2021-October 31, 2021

How to submit pictures for entry:

  • All pictures must be emailed to
  • All emails must be received by October 31, 2021, to be considered for the contest
  • Email your pictures as often as you like, but please, no more than 5 pictures per email
  • To help us keep track of your submissions and give you points, your email must state:
    • Your name
    • Your Instagram or Facebook handle/name
    • The number of pictures you are attaching
    • The scavenger hunt activity number for each picture
      • Example: Name: Pat Machado
      • Instagram name: backofthebikelife
      • # Of pictures: 2
      • Scavenger hunt activity #: 8/waterfall and #10/covered bridge


Click here to register

Once you are registered, you will receive an email with all the details and activities list!  Follow along on Instagram and/or Facebook.  Check your email regularly as we will also send out updates and bonus items!!


1At home5
2At a police station5
3At a fire station5
4At a school5
5At a church5
6At a diner5
7At a state park5
8At a waterfall5
9At a light house5
10At a covered bridge5
11At a carnival/festival/fair5
12On a golf course5
13At the ocean/beach5
14At a veterans memorial10
15With sunflowers5
16In-front of any flowerbed5
17At a tulip farm5
18At a pumpkin patch10
19In-font of a state/province/town sign15
20At a mountain15
21At a national park15
22At a barn10
23At a library10
24At a zoo10
25At an aquarium10
26At an airport10
27At a museum15
28With a tractor/tractor pull15
29At a cookout5
30At a farm10
31With cows or horses5
32With chickens or rooster5
33With goats5
34With your pet5
35At a restaurant5
36At a concert10
37At a sporting even10
38At a vineyard10
39On a bridge10
40On a boat10
41On a ferry10
42At a playground5
43At a historic monument20
44At a town common/park10
45With a snake15
46In a pool5
47On a nature hike5
48Flying a kit5
49Out for a run5
51At the gym5
52At a wedding5
53In a teepee15
54At a campground10
55At a farmers market10
56With an RV5
57At an amusement park10
58In the rain10
59On railroad tracks10
60With friends5
61At the post office/mailbox5
62Having a picnic5
63At a yoga class10
64In a big city10
65At a country/general store10
66At a castle15
68With a dolphin20
69In-front of a cactus15
70With a sunset10
71With a sunrise10
72With a rainbow10
73At a tree-house15
74With a helmet on10
75With a group of people or bikes5
76At a lookout tower15
77On a back-road/dirt road10
78In-front of a flag20
79At any Walt Disney Theme Park10
80In or at a phone booth15
81In a canoe10
82In a kayak10
83At a lake/pond5
84At a mansion10
85By a water fountain10
86At a volcano20
87At a café10
88At an ice cream shop5
89On a motorcycle10
90On a bicycle10
91At an outdoor mural10
92At a corn maze15
93At or in a cave15
94On a cobblestone street15
95On a balcony overlooking a city10
96On a balcony overlooking an ocean10
97On or in-front of a roller coaster15
98At a bed & breakfast10
99At a hot air balloon festival20
100At or in-front of the White House20

**Your photos may be used by Back of the Bike Life, Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest

Photo Scavenger Hunt-Registration and Information

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12 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt-Registration and Information

  1. what a fun activity and also to engage and meet other bikers, I dont have a big bike or bicycle to join I’ll share this to spread your contest!

  2. Wow nice motorcycle. I love the scavenger hunt challenge something really exciting to look forward to. I think my summer of 2021 wasn’t what I was expecting since my ex husband made my life a living hell by not letting me see my son the entire summer long story anyways I went on boat rides this summer and basically chilled I think I could have done more but didn’t and that’s okay. I’m awaiting fall weather my favorite time of the year? god bless!

    1. Hi Tara, Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog and the scavenger hunt! Sorry you haven’t had the greatest of times lately, I hope things change for you! You can still enter the scavenger hunt and have some fun! I am looking forward to the fall weather as well!!

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