Coombs Covered Bridge-NH Covered Bridge Number 2

Coombs Covered Bridge-NH Covered Bridge Number 2

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Coombs Covered Bridge

Coombs Covered Bridge is a small, plain, covered bridge with very little scenery. But it is beautiful, and it played a big role in the development of the area!

Located on Coombs Bridge Road in Winchester, New Hampshire, it was named after its original builder and owner, Anthony Coombs.  It is located West of NH Route 10 over the Ashuelot River.

The bridge style is Town lattice truss. Built in 1837,  Coombs Covered Bridge is 106’6” in length.  It is a one lane bridge, and it is still open to vehicle traffic. 


Coombs Covered Bridge Area

There is a very small area to pull over and park if you want. You can walk through the bridge, but be careful! This is a busy bridge with a lot of car traffic!

We did pull over and I walked through the bridge to take some pictures. There is not a lot of scenery other than the Ashuelot River. 


Bridge History

This bridge had some extensive repairs done in 1964 and again in 1971. Although the original cost to build the bridge is unknown, it did cost $13,340 to repair in 1971.

Coombs Covered Bridge is in the National Register of Historic Places. It is World Guide Number 29-03-03 and it is New Hampshire Covered Bridge Number 2.  NH Covered Bridge Number 1 is Ashuelot Covered Bridge.  I have done some research but can not find a NH Covered Bridge Number 3!!

Did You Know

  • New Hampshire has 54 standing historic wooden covered bridges, and they all have an assigned official number by the state!
  • Pennsylvania has the most covered bridges with 213!

Other Covered Bridges in the Area

  • Ashuelot Covered Bridge-New Hampshire covered bridge #1
  • Slate Covered Bridge-New Hampshire covered bridge #4
  • W. Swanzey Covered Bridge/Thompson Covered Bridge-New Hampshire covered bridge #5
  • Sawyer’s Crossing/Cresson Covered Bridge-New Hampshire covered bridge #6
  • Carlton Covered Bridge-New Hampshire covered bridge #7

Today’s motorcycle ride took us through 3 states: MA, VT, and NH.  We took mostly backroads and once we were in New Hampshire we toured 5 covered bridges!  A previous post, Ashuelot Covered Bridge, is covered bridge #1.  Today’s ride took us to #2, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  Stay tuned for those write-ups and photos!

If you would like to know the exact route we took to get here, please contact us!  If you’d like to learn more about New Hampshire and covered bridges, we recommend these books:

Do you like visiting covered bridges and learning about their history? I find the history fascinating!  Do you have a favorite covered bridge? Leave us a comment below and tell us about it! Maybe one day we will get to visit it!

Coombs Covered Bridge-NH Covered Bridge Number 2Coombs Covered Bridge-NH Covered Bridge Number 2

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