Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont covered bridges is a great day trip! Whether you are on two, three, or four wheels, this trip is sure to be a winner!!

Did You Know

Vermont has over 100 Covered Bridges, everything from small constructions crossing over country streams to the longest two-span covered bridge in the world. They also have some amazing waterfalls! Grab your camera, pack some snacks and water, we are in for a great adventure.  

Let’s Get Started

Hello everyone, I hope you are ready for a very nice ride in beautiful Vermont. For this adventure we will be visiting 5 of Vermont’s covered bridges. These bridges are located in the South East region of the state.

5 Vermont Covered Bridges

  1. Green River Bridge – Jacksonville Stage Road Guilford, VT
  2. Creamery Bridge – off Rt. 9 Brattleboro, VT
  3. West Dummerston Bridge – off Rt. 30 Dummerston, VT
  4. Williamsville Bridge – Dover Road Newfane, VT
  5. Scott Bridge – South of Rt 35 & 30 intersection Townshend, VT

Riders Note

The road leading to the Green River Bridge in Guilford VT was a dirt road – I do not know if they are just resurfacing the road or if it is always a dirt road. The day Pat and I did this route the road was wet and muddy from rain the day before and was quite slippery. It does look like the road would be hard packed on a dry day. Just keep this in mind if this is out of your comfort zone, skip this one and start with the Creamery Bridge.

Our Ride

We will be starting and ending at the Dunkin located on Rt. 140 in Franklin MA just off I-495. As we exit Dunkin we will be turning Right and getting on I-495 North and then taking Rt. 117 West to I-190 North. We will then get off I-190 to take Rt. 2 West across the Mohawk Trail to Erving MA and taking a Right on North St.

North St changes over to Gulf Rd. and then to Maple St. where it interests with Rt. 10. We take a Left on Rt. 10/Main St for a few blocks taking a Right to continue on Rt. 10 South – stay on Rt. 10 to the junction of I-91. Take I-91 North crossing over into VT. We will be staying on I-91 North heading towards Brattleboro VT. We will take Exit 1 onto Rt. 5 South and taking a Right on Guilford Center Rd.

We will take a slight Right on Stage Rd. (this is where the road turns to dirt). It is about 2.5miles to the Green River Bridge. After stopping at our first covered bridge of this ride we will take a Right on Green River Rd. Follow this to Hinesburg Rd. and take a Right. Hinesburg Rd. merges with Greenleaf St. and will take you to the junction of Rt. 9 take a Right on Rt. 9. Just down the road a bit on the Right will be our second stop at the Creamery Bridge in Brattleboro, VT. After your photo stop, we will continue East on Rt. 9 and taking a Left on Cedar St. this will lead us to Rt. 30 at the end of the road.

Take a Left on Rt. 30 North this will take us to the West Dummerston Bridge – off Rt. 30 in Dummerston, VT. After taking a break and some photos of the West Dummerston Bridge we will be continuing on Rt. 30 N. Just a few miles up the road on Rt. 30 N we will take a Left on Deport Rd and another Left on Dover Rd.

This will lead us to our 4th stop on this ride the Williamsville Covered Bridge. After this stop we will backtrack to Rt. 30 N the same way we came in. Once back at Rt. 30 take a Left heading North again. Just up the road on Rt. 30 N is our final stop the Scott Bridge in Townshend, VT.

From here we continue on Rt. 30 N then taking a Left on Rt. 100 S. Follow Rt. 100 S to the junction of Rt. 9 and take a Left on Rt. 9 E when we get back to our starting point on this loop, we will jump back on I-91 S and head home taking the same route as we did to get into VT.

This will take us back over Rt. 10 N to Maple St back down to Rt. 2 E following this back to I-190 S to Rt. 117 E to I-495 S to Exit 17 returning to Franklin MA.

Another Great Ride

Well, that’s another great ride in the books for us! We hope you enjoyed this ride and the covered bridges. If you take this ride, or something similar, please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear about your adventure!

Vermont Covered Bridges

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