The Legend of the Motorcycle Gremlin Bell

The Legend of the Motorcycle Gremlin Bell

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According to folklore, a Gremlin is a mischievous creature that causes malfunctions in machinery.  These creatures are described as having spiky backs, large eyes and small, clawed bodies with sharp teeth.

Gremlin Bell

Some say a Gremlin Bell is a supernatural protector against evil spirits that haunt the roads looking for bikers to harm or raise havoc with. 

The Legend

In the motorcycle world, a gremlin bell, also known as guardian bell or spirit bell, is a good luck charm for motorcycle riders.  The bell is said to protect the motorcycle and the riders from evil road spirits during their travels. 

The tradition of the gremlin bell goes back decades.  The legend states that there are harmful gremlins that lurk the roadways, looking for motorcycles to cling on to and cause mischief. They like to cause problems for motorcycles and their riders. The bell is said to ward off these gremlins.

It is believed that the gremlin is captured in the hollow of the bell and the constant ringing is unbearable to the gremlin and they finally release their hold and break free (this is also believed to be the cause of potholes), returning to the roadway to find another unsuspecting rider.    

It is believed that in order for the bell to work, it must be given to a rider from a loved one.  According to legend, a bell is activated by the gesture of good will when someone, especially another rider, gives the bell to a rider they care about.

The bell should be attached to the bike on the lowest part of the frame.  This is because the gremlins lurk on the roadways and grab on to the bike as it passes by.  The bell is the first thing they come in contact with, and it will capture them.

If someone steals a gremlin bell off another bike, legend states it will not protect them. The key to the bell’s power is good will.  If stolen, it loses its powers.

There is no clear answer as to where the bell tradition or superstition comes from.  There are many stories and explanations that range from “there was an old biker…” to WW2 veteran pilots who had bells for good luck on their planes and carried the tradition over to their bikes after the war.

Regardless of what the story is, it is a great tradition that continues among motorcycle riders today. Whether you believe in the story or not, it is a fun way to welcome a new rider to the community.

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The Legend of the Motorcycle Gremlin Bell

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  1. This is such a fun and fascinating topic! I hadn’t heard of a gremlin bell before, but it makes sense. Even if we know something isn’t really true, we still like to have it “just in case”! 🙂

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