Jigsaw Junkie: Why Puzzles Are One of My Favorite At Home Activities

Jigsaw Junkie: Why Puzzles Are One of My Favorite At Home Activities

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When I am not on the back of the bike, I like to do puzzles.  I find that doing puzzles is very relaxing for me.  I also  feel as sense of accomplishment when I see the picture coming together and then when it is completed.  Trevor likes to do puzzles too, but not as much as me.  My daughter, Kathryn, also likes to do puzzles.  Sometimes we will have two puzzles going at the same time.  One that is my main puzzle to work on and one that Kathryn works on, and then we help each other.

The Yard Sale

I am often heard saying  “I’m going to puzzle” or “I’m puzzling” or “what puzzle should I do next”.  I can sit and puzzle for hours.  Trevor will walk by, take a look, find a piece and put it in, and then walk away!  It’s usually a piece that I have been looking for and can’t find!

I try to have a good mix of puzzles to do.  I  buy different brands and styles to keep it interesting, but sometimes you just fall in love with a certain type of puzzle or brand.  Some puzzles have basic shapes while others have odd shapes and sizes.   They are all fun and I’m trying to broaden my horizons and try different types.

Disney by Thomas Kinkade

I really like Buffalo puzzles. I find they are very colorful and fun! I especially liked the Country Life series. 

Buffalo Puzzles Country Life

I also love doing  the Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles. 

Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles

They are beautiful and I love Walt Disney World! Doing a Disney puzzle brings back so many great memories of when my girls were young and we would go on Disney vacations several times a year.  I think it may be time for another vacation!  Anyway, back to puzzles…. 

I like the puzzles from Bits and Pieces and enjoy doing them.  They are colorful, fun, and incorporate many different shaped pieces.  Some are very challenging! Bits and Pieces also offers a variety of puzzles boards. I love being able to work on my puzzle and then fold up the board and move it out of the way when needed!

Bits and Pieces

Twice have I started a puzzle and not finished it.  One of them was a puzzle that was very muted colors.  It was very pretty but nothing stood out in the puzzle for me, colors seemed dull and the shapes were different.  The other was a very colorful puzzle but had a pattern that was the same all around it and it just wasn’t fun. For me, if I’m not getting enjoyment from doing the puzzle, then I’d rather stop working on it and find another puzzle that suits me better.  I do these for fun, so I want the puzzle to be fun!

For More Puzzle Ideas Click Here

When I puzzle, I like to start by pulling out all the edge pieces.  Then I get into sorting by color.  I make groups of colors or objects in the puzzle.  If there are words or lettering, I sort them too.  Then, depending on the puzzle, I will sort by shape.  Yes, this gets to be a bit obsessive, but I like it! I find this relaxing and I prefer to have all my pieces laid out so I can see them.

Rose Cottage

When the puzzle is completed, I take some pictures and let the puzzle sit for a day.  The next morning I break it down, bag it and box it.  I pack it away to do again some other day, or I pass it on to one of my sisters or friends to do! Both of my sisters puzzle so between the three of us we have plenty of puzzles to keep us busy for a long, long time! Every so often I will glue or tape a puzzle together and frame it.  They make very pretty pictures!

Did you know that an Englishman named John Spilsbury invented the first jigsaw puzzle around 1767.  He was an engraver and mapmaker. His first puzzle was a map of the world. Mr. Spilsbury took a map and put it on a piece of wood and then cut out each country.  Teachers began using his puzzles to teach geography.

 In 1865 the fret treadle saw was invented and this gave the ability to create machine aided curved lines. This tool was used with a foot pedal.  The fret saw eventually became known as the jigsaw.  By 1880,  jigsaw puzzles were being machine made.

By 20th century we started seeing mass production of jigsaw puzzles with die-cut machines. The 21st century introduced digital applications so people could do puzzles on their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Do you like to puzzle?  What are some of your favorite brands?  Leave me a comment below (scroll to bottom of page) and I’ll be sure to check out your puzzles!  Also, come back often to see the puzzle reviews I will be doing.

Happy puzzling!

Jigsaw Junkie: Why Puzzles Are One of My Favorite At Home ActivitiesJigsaw Junkie: Why Puzzles Are One of My Favorite At Home Activities

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