CT Rt 169 Ride

CT Rt 169 Ride

Riders Note: We will be riding in MA, CT and RI so if you have any restrictions such as operating on a learners permit you should be aware of this.

How’s everyone doing today? Ready for a ride? You all checked your bikes (tires, tire pressure, oil/fluid levels, any leaks, belt/chain/final drive, etc. You know your safety check.) topped off your fuel?

You can grab a coffee and fuel at our starting point if you like. We’ll join you. This is about a 140mile ride and we will stop for lunch at this nice little place in CT called “The Vanilla Bean Café” located at 450 Deerfield Rd, Pomfret, CT. They have great food/salads/sandwiches/wraps/burgers and more, deserts, coffee/tea/soft drinks, etc. Always have great food, we have never been disappointed. You go in, place and pay for your order, and then they give you this BIG Playing Card so they can find you to bring you your order. They have tons of in/outdoor seating. Find a nice spot to sit, have lunch, check out all the bikes, meet some new motorcycle enthusiasts, and enjoy the stop.

We will be starting and ending our ride today at the Dunkin and Rapid Refill gas station located on Rt. 140 W just off I-495 N or S (exit 17) in Franklin. Dunkin is just down the road on Rt 140 W (207 Mechanic St. Bellingham MA).

Okey everyone good? Let’s get these kickstands up and hit the road. We will be taking a Left heading West on Rt. 140. Six miles down the road we will take a Left on Rt. 16 W and continuing for 26miles. In Webster MA 16 W merges with and becomes 12 S/E Main St. just continue straight onto 12 S. Once we get out of the center of town (about 1mile down the road) we will be going straight onto Rt. 197 W.

The Vanilla Bean Cafe

We will cross over into CT about 3miles down the road, once over the state line we will be taking a Left on Rt. 169 S. In about 7.4miles we will be at The Vanilla Bean Café and we will stop for something to eat.

Brooklyn CT

When we leave The Vanilla Bean Café we will continue South on Rt. 169 for another 14miles and taking a Right on Rt. 14 W/North Canterbury Road. In 9.5miles take a Right onto Back Rd. for 5.7miles and then turning Left Rt. 6 W for 2.2miles. Take a Right on Rt. 198 N, continue for 9miles and take a Right on Rt. 44 E/244 E (we will cross back over Rt. 169, stay on Rt. 44 E this will take us into RI.

We will be taking a Left onto Rt. 100 N, in 12miles take a Right onto SW Main St. this will merge into Rt. 16 E in 1.3miles. In 2.4miles stay Left onto NE Main St./Hartford Ave W and continue straight, in 3.9miles we will join back up with Rt. 16 E taking a Left. Stay on Rt. 16 E for 3miles, then taking a Right on Rt. 140 S this will take us back to Dunkin in Bellingham MA. We will stop back at our starting point get fuel and continue to our respective homes.

We hope you enjoyed this ride with us today and look forward to seeing you all on our next ride.  

CT Rt 169 Ride

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