Western MA – Mount Greylock – Mohawk Trail Loop Ride

Western MA – Mount Greylock – Mohawk Trail Loop Ride

The Western MA – Mount Greylock – Mohawk Trail loop ride is a bit longer of a day trip about 266miles from our start to finish points. This ride will take us out to Western MA through the Berkshires heading north up to Mount Greylock and then following the Mohawk Trail (Rt. 2) East and then back to our starting point in Hopkinton MA.

Side Notes:

Western MA – The Berkshires is a rural region in the mountains of western MA dotted with little villages and towns. It is rich with culture, performance centers (Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow). And for history buffs and art lovers it is also the home of the Norman Rockwell Museum and “Moby Dick” author Herman Melville’s Arrowhead Home.

Mount Greylock is a 3,489’ mountain located in the Northwest corner of MA and is the highest point in the state. Its summit is in the western part of the town of Adams in Berkshire County. Keep your eye open on the road over Mount Greylock, Pat and I saw Black Bear on the mountain in the past (so cool).

The Mohawk Trail is a 100mile trail intended to follow the area’s indigenous footpaths along the Deerfield and Cold rivers and over the Hoosac Range, it is named in part for the Mohicans, whose homelands are in Berkshire County.

Okay let us hit the road…

We are starting and ending at Dunkin located at 92 W. Main St. Hopkinton, MA. When we exit Dunkin, we will take a Right and get onto I-495 North just down the road a bit. Stay on I-495 to I-90 West (the Mass Pike) we will be on I-90 W for a while (about 68miles) and taking Ex. 41.

This will put us on Rt. 202 S/N Elm St (take a Right off the exit) just down the road we will be taking a Right on Rt. 20 West and following this for another 23miles to Rt. 8 North (take a Right onto 8 North).

There is a Cumberland Farms about 19miles up the road if you want to grab gas, snacks, water, use the restrooms, whatever you need. Getting back on the road we will continue on Rt. 8 West for a few more miles (3.7miles). We will be taking a Left onto Berkshire Mall Rd. and following that to the Rt. 7 intersect.  

Take a Right on Rt. 7 North/N. Main St. About 2.9miles up the road on Rt. 7 N we will come to the entrance to Mount Greylock, we will be taking a Right and going over the mountain.

Riders Note: Keep an eye out for wildlife we saw Black Bear on this road on past trips. This road also has nice pull offs so you can take in the sights, get some nice pics, etc… Enjoy…

Once we get over Mount Greylock we will be entering North Adams. Coming down off the mountain you will need to take a Left this puts you back onto Rt. 8 N and will lead you straight to Rt. 2 (The Mohawk Trail). Take a Right on Rt. 2 East.

Riders Note: We will be stopping for some lunch just up the road at a place called the Golden Eagle Restaurant. Pat and I love the view from this spot they have a nice 2nd floor balcony that you can eat at overlooking the valley. They have good food also, but if you see something in North Adams you can stop there and meet up with us down the road.

Continuing on Rt. 2 East we will be coming up to the Golden Eagle Restaurant in about 3.8miles. It is situated on the left side of the road on a sharp right-hand hairpin turn. Watch for vehicles coming down the mountain before pulling into the restaurant parking lot.

After lunch we will continue on Rt. 2 E for 76miles toward the town of Westminster and Wachusett. We will be taking a Right on Rt. 140 South. Stay on Rt. 140 S for about 27miles to I-290 East (for 12miles). Take the I-495 South exit you will be on I-495 for about 12miles. Take Ex. 21A (this will put you back on W Main St in Hopkinton) the Dunkin we started at is just down the street on the Left.

Thank you for riding with us today. Stay safe keep the shiny side up. See you on our next ride.

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