Top 5 Items We Bring On a Motorcycle Road Trip

Top 5 Items We Bring On a Motorcycle Road Trip

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Packing for your motorcycle road trip can be painless.  Yes, there are certain items you will always bring.  And there will always be something you forget.  And something you bring and never use.  Learn from each trip and soon enough you’ll be packing like a pro!

In a previous post Smart packing for a Successful Motorcycle Road Trip I talk about the 5 categories for packing.  The categories are: Clothes, Toiletries, Bike Items & Tools, Electronic Devices & Chargers, and Snacks & Entertainment.  From that list, here is the top item in each category that you should always bring with you. 


I usually wear my riding boots when we go on rides but I always bring an extra pair of shoes.  Either boots or sneakers.  If you get caught in bad weather you will be glad you made room for an extra pair of footwear!


Vitamins, supplements and prescription medications are a must.  They make you feel good at home and they keep you feeling good on a road trip! 


Your bike should never be without its tool kit. Click here to see our tool kit list.


If you have a phone, you need a charger! Always make sure you packed it!  And make sure you charge your phone each night!


We always bring a game or two with us on road trips.  Rainy days happen and it’s nice to have something to do when you can’t ride.  We have travel size Back Gammon and Yahtzee games that we like to bring,  as well as some card games.  Although we prefer to be out riding, we do entertain ourselves when stuck in the cabin during a rain storm!

Happy packing and enjoy your ride!

Top 5 Items We Bring On a Motorcycle Road TripTop 5 Items We Bring On a Motorcycle Road Trip

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