Quabbin Reservoir, Scenic Loop Ride

Quabbin Reservoir, Scenic Loop Ride


The Quabbin Reservoir Loop Ride is one of our go-to day rides. It is a 150-mile loop, starting and ending in Milford, MA at the Dunkin on Rt. 140 (146 S. Main St, Milford MA).

This ride also has a cool place to stop for lunch and a cold beverage of your choosing – The Stone Cow Brewery, they also have a killer BBQ Pit going.


We are starting and ending at Dunkin in Milford. We will be heading West on Rt. 16, out to Rt 146 N. At the end of 146 N in Worcester MA, we will be taking a left at the lights, onto Cambridge Street. In about 1.6miles we will be taking a left on Rt. 9 W (this is the junk part of the ride getting through Worcester, it gets very nice in a few miles). Once we get out of Worcester, MA the roads will open from traffic and we will be going through nice little towns that remind Pat and I of a Christmas Village picture with old New England architecture, monuments, farms, etc. Just an all-around nice ride.

We will follow 9 W for about 30miles. Quabbin Reservoir is in the town of Belchertown MA.


Side Note: The Quabbin Resevoir is a man-made body of water located in Central Massachusetts. This reservoir was created in 1938 by damming the Swift River and flooding four towns: Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott. The Quabbin Reservoir is the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts, and was built between 1930 and 1939. Today, along with the Wachusett Reservoir, it is the primary water supply for Boston, some 65 miles to the east as well as 40 other communities in Greater Boston. It also supplies water to three towns west of the reservoir and acts as backup supply for three others. By 1989, it supplied water for 2.5 million people, which was about 40% of the state’s population at the time. It has an aggregate capacity of 412 billion US gallons and an area of 38.6 square miles.


Take a right into Quabbin Reservoir. This is a loop road and will put you back out on Rt. 9 W, just down the road at the other entrance to the reservoir.

There are some nice pull offs to sit and take in the sights for a bit and to stretch your legs. The Observation Tower is also a cool spot to stop at. When we come out of the Quabbin Reservoir we will be taking a right back onto Rt. 9 W. 4miles down the road we will take a right on Rt 202 N.


Riders Note: Stay within the speed limit on this road the police like to wait for people (speed traps) as this is a nice open road, I know I catch myself picking-up the pace a bit on this leg of the run.


20 miles or so, on Rt 202 N, we will be taking a right on Rt 122 E. This is a nice road running on the back side of the reservoir and it will be taking us to the Stone Cow in Barre.

The Stone Cow is a BBQ & Brewery. The food is amazing and there are many activities to enjoy.

In about 7.9miles, 122 merges with Rt. 32 S. In 6.2miles, The Stone Cow will be on your left.

Okay, time to hoist our full bellies back onto the bikes. We will be continuing on Rt. 32 S for about 17miles. Rt.32 runs into Rt 62 E. You will need to pay attention in this little village, don’t miss your turn. If you see reach a small gas station on the right, on Rt. 32/Rt 122, you have passed Rt 62. Turn around.

Stay on Rt. 62 E for 17miles to the intersection of Rt. 16 E/140 S. Take a right on 140 S. This will take us back to Dunkin in Milford 31miles.


This ends our ride for today. I hope you enjoyed it! Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on this ride, we love hearing about your adventures!

Thank you for riding with us today. Stay safe and keep the shiny side up. See you on our next ride.

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