My Riders Review

My Riders Review

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For many years I rode a 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado and absolutely loved that bike. It served me well for over 17 years (I bought it in 2004 with 4,500miles on it). When I traded it in it had 72,000miles on it. I have also owned Honda, HD, and Suzuki in the past. Sometime around 2016 after meeting Pat and getting her hooked-on riding with me and exploring all the wonders and beautify our country has to offer, I knew we needed a much bigger more comfortable ride. So, my journey began to find that next perfect bike for the lifestyle Pat and I wanted to continue.

I knew I wanted a big touring bike that offered large storage capacity, comfort for long hauls, durability, navigation and audio systems, ample fuel capacity, and of course look, fit & finish. I narrowed my field down to 3 bikes I liked. The 2020 Honda Goldwing – 2020 Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental – and the 2019 Indian Roadmaster. After several years of following the bikes and flipping back and forth. I finally decided the Indian Roadmaster was the bike for us. Don’t get me wrong all 3 bikes are very nice but it all boiled down to the requirements I previously listed.

— The following is my opinion and view on the bikes, I know and understand we all have our own takes on this, and we all have our own preferences for whatever reason we may have. My choice and views on any of the bikes listed is just that, my view – yours may be very different and that is all cool. At the end of the day, it is all about the ride/journey. We all love to ride and that is what brings us together not what we ride. ––

2020 Honda Goldwing

2020 Honda Goldwing – This is a very nice-looking bike with the years of backing to support the durability and miles we plan on putting on it. It fell short on the need for storage and fuel capacity. Honda took from the storage and fuel capacity to make the bike lighter (this was a mistake in my opinion). Also, I felt like I was sitting to high on the bike, it is also very narrow, and foot placement for me was not optimal. Fit and Finnish was very well done as it is on all the Honda Goldwing models.

2020 Yamaha Star Venture TC

2020 Yamaha Star Venture TC – Love the look of this bike and after owning a Yamaha for several years I know the durability of this manufacture and the products they put out (that landed this bike on my shortlist). After taking several closer looks and inspection of the Venture TC, I was less than impressed with the Fit & Finish on the bike. Compartments felt loose and flimsy (like it would blow off if I opened a side compartment when riding) and had concerns that they would rattle and be noisy when riding. I signed up for a test ride and when I got to the dealership for my appointment, the demo bike was broken down (some issue with the engine) from a previous ride. This led me to feel like Yamaha needed more time to workout all the bugs in the new Venture lineup.

2019 Indian Roadmaster

2019 Indian Roadmaster – I have always loved Indian Motorcycles (like HD Lovers it is a lifestyle and history thing). When I started looking at the Indian Roadmaster it was back in 2017/2018 after going back and forth for a few years and knowing that Indian was making some improvements with the 2019 Roadmaster I decided to hold off for a bit longer. When the 2019 series was released, I was totally hooked. This bike had everything I was looking for in a big touring bike, large storage capacity, ample fuel storage, very nice integrated Navigation/Audio/System Information/Large touch screen, the list of options just kept going. The Fit & Finish on the bike was by far the best of the three. When I sat on the bike, I was right at home being a cruiser owner for so many years. Low center of gravity, so well balance, and for a bike that weighs in at close to 100lbs it was very easy to move and maneuver.

And the WINNER is…

2019 Indian Roadmaster

Welcome Home My New Ride

My 2019 Indian Roadmaster Checklist

Keep the Rubber to the Road – Stay Safe & Happy Riding  

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