Let the Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin

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March 7, 2020. Today’s the big day. The day we have been waiting for.  The day Trevor has dreamed about for a long time.  The day when all of his extensive research, knowledge, and love of motorcycles takes the next step.

Hello Moms Foxboro!

After many years of what I’ll call prep-research, Trevor then choose 3 motorcycles to research for purchase.  We wanted a touring bike. Something with large trunk and saddle bags. Something to get us across the country.  Something comfortable.  Something with a good navigation system….you get it, we want an awesome bike for an awesome life!

He chose a brand new 2019 Indian Roadmaster.  It’s beautiful.  It’s everything we wanted.  We are ready to ride.  Ready to plan trips.

And the adventures begin!

To see Trevor’s review of the bikes click here.

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